IHOP *CopyCat* French Toast with Cream Cheese & Strawberry Filling.

The IHOP *CopyCat* French Toast With Cream Cheese & Strawberry filling is insanely quick and easy to fix and supremely delicious - perfect for a hearty morning hot breakfast. Total bliss!

Meet our new breakfast favorite - French toast with cream cheese & Strawberry filling, a killer combination with a killer taste to start the mornings. And yes they do taste just like the ones available at IHOP! Did I just give you the most wonderful news on earth? 

The French toast with cream filling is a super easy and terrifically quick recipe to fix for a quick hot and mouthwatering morning breakfast. Tastes the best when paired with a generous amount of maple syrup and drizzled with hemp seeds...Ummm...Yummm!

You must be well versed with a french toast recipe - beat the eggs, add some milk, a dash of salt, beat again, dip the bread slices and pan fry in sizzling butter. That's it. I used the same recipe but filled up the toasts with whipped cream cheese & lots of delicious strawberries and slow cooked them on sizzling butter. This french toast recipe with cream cheese is sure going to get all the wows from your family members, it's so delicious, simple & creamy. 

We love to start our mornings with a delicious & appetizing breakfast be it cold or hot. But the only thing I prefer is a quick and tasty breakfast and not an elaborate one that requires a lot of prep time! Whenever we are in a hurry we definitely love our Breakfast bars like the Oats & peanut butter Digestive energy bars, the super simple Oats Dates Granola bars & even these Chocolate almond butter bars! They are the best for breakfast in a hurry, make it ahead of time and you are all set - just grab & go! But, when we desire to eat hot breakfast these Creamy stuffed french toasts are our most favorite ones. They are hot, creamy, extremely delicious, filling & very pleasing too. We love it as a family and all our guests love it too! 

Did I just tell you that they taste just like IHOP 's Creamy stuffed french toast? If you love IHOP you seriously must try these babies...The crispy bread sandwiched in the creamy filling, a generous amount of sweet maple syrup, and the strawberry chunks all make it an insanely delicious breakfast that's so hard to forget. Once, you try this recipe you surely never gonna try it at IHOP again, I promise! 

*Cream Cheese 4 oz or 113g
*3 tablespoons confectioners sugar.
*2 large eggs.
*6 slices bread white or whole wheat.
*1/4 cups milk.
*A pinch of salt.
*Hemp seeds (optional).
*1/4 cups roughly chopped strawberries + more to garnish.
*2 tablespoons butter or more.

*In a clean bowl whip the cream cheese and the powdered sugar together. Keep aside.
*Add the chopped strawberries to the cream cheese gently mix with a spatula and keep aside.
*In the meantime crack the eggs, add the milk & a pinch of salt and whisk together.
*Heat a skillet over medium heat add about 1 tablespoon butter.
*Take one bread slice and slather with a generous amount of whipped cream cheese and the strawberries mixture. Put the other slice of bread on top, sandwiched.
*Gently dip the sandwiched bread on both sides in the custard mixture (egg&milk mixture) until fully coated.
*Fry the coated sandwiched bread on both sides over medium heat in the sizzling hot butter.
*Take it out from the skillet on a clean plate.
*Pour a generous amount of butter, sprinkle some hemp seeds (optional) and top it with fresh slices of strawberries.

*This french toast recipe with cream cheese cannot be prepared ahead of time, the bread will become utterly soggy.
*To get best results prepare it hot and eat them instantly.
*Maple syrup drizzle can be replaced with honey.
*Strawberry & cream stuffed french toasts taste wonderful with sourdough bread too!



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