Magic Grilled Shrimps Recipe | Grilled Prawns.

Make this lip-smacking grilled shrimps with Basil, garlic, smoked paprika & sriracha sauce! This Basil sriracha grilled shrimp recipe is the heart & soul of all our barbeque parties, hope this summer you have something to rave about!

When you smear a generous dose of basil & sriracha sauce on your shrimps or prawns and grill them, guess what happens...of course, an unforgettable intoxicating tasty journey begins!  This summery Basil Sriracha grilled shrimp recipe will certainly give you the kick of the best backyard grilled summer recipe and it's surely going to be a hit in your barbeque parties.

The marinade that I developed and used in this grilled prawn recipe is a killer combination of stunning ingredients that promises to take you on a tasty joyride. And oh yes! I ground all the ingredients of the marinade in a mortar and pestle....the old way is the best way here. The gentle constant crushing of the mortar and pestle brings out the magical flavors from the basil, the garlic, and the sriracha and makes the recipe ridiculously tasty!

I love summer & the best part of this season is that it comes along with innumerable easy to make grilled recipes with an unbeatable taste. Who doesn't love barbequed and grilled recipes...they are fuss-free, easy to prep and make and tastes just out of the world...Same here this grilled basil & grilled prawns recipe is prepared in a jiffy with all the handy ingredients that you already have in your pantry if you are a foodie.

I try to make good use of my mortar & pestle as much as I can and it's needless to mention that the spices or sauces that I prepare using the traditional kitchen tool just turns out to be super awesome all the time! It's the crushing and the grinding that extracts all the flavors. 

Shrimps or prawns are well loved in my household & I myself go nuts with each and every shrimp recipe. A few weeks back I cooked this unforgettable yummy Thai red curry with shrimps and you won't believe that it tasted just like the ones we had once upon a time in Paris in one of the renowned Thai joints. What about you..are you a shrimp lover or you crinkle your nose at the sight and smell of prawns?..Lol!

This recipe is trivial to throw together and you do not require any pre-cooking skills for churning out this Basil Sriracha garlic grilled shrimp recipe. The olive oil, the whole peppercorns, the garlic, the sriracha sauce, the fresh tender basil leaves, the smoked paprika, the sea salt are all ground together in a mortar and pestle until everything comes together in a saucy and chunky form. The shrimps are well smeared with this stunning marinade for at least 1 hour. They are then skewered in bamboo skewers and grilled on a grill pan until well done! Voila! Your awesome grilled basil, sriracha, and garlic shrimp are ready in a jiffy. 

The one ingredient that's very important in this recipe is the smoked paprika, you won't believe what an awesome flavor it imparts to the recipe, it definitely takes it to another level altogether! And I don't blame you if your basil & sriracha grilled prawns are gone in a jiffy in your next party...yes they are that tasty:) Be prepared to send your guests to a raving mania..:)

*1 pound tiger prawns or shrimps.
*1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil.
*8 pods garlic.
*8 fresh basil leaves.
*6-7 peppercorns.
*2 tablespoons sriracha sauce or according to taste.
*2 tablespoons smoked paprika or according to taste.
*Salt according to taste.
*1 teaspoon red chili powder (optional).
*1 tablespoon red chili flakes (optional).

*Take all the ingredients in a mortar and pestle and continue to grind them until everything comes together and becomes mushy but not completely a paste. Please refer to the picture.
*Wash the shrimps or prawns and keep aside.
*Smear and massage the prawns with the marinade and marinate for at least 1 hour.
*In the meantime soak a few bamboo skewers in water.
*Gently skewer the marinated prawns or shrimps into the bamboo skewers.
*Heat the grill pan over medium heat and brush with olive oil.
*Grill the prawn or shrimp skewers until well done.

*Try to marinate at least for 1 hour, tastes best if left overnight.
*I love to keep the skins on the shrimps or prawns, it keeps their shape intact and also they remain juicier.
*Preparing the marinade in a mortar and pestle is very important, the recipe won't taste the same if the marinade is prepared in a grinder.
*Soaking the bamboo skewers in water prevents them from getting burnt.


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