The Best Baby Corn Chili Recipe - Indo-Chinese.

An absolute party pleasure recipe of Chili Baby Corn coated in a medley of lip-smacking sauce! Utterly delicious with crispy corns & colorful Mexican peppers. A stunning recipe for sure.

Did you ever incorporate baby corns in your recipes? Well, they are not only cute and adorable but they are filled with so much awesomeness. if you have never tried them before it's time to give them a try with this stunning recipe that will rock your party...

Make this hot & spicy super awesome baby corn chili recipe. It's spicy, delicious and gets ready in a jiffy! Hey, if the word "spicy " spooks you out just chill, you can omit the spicy sauces and your baby corn chili recipe will still rock! This chili baby corn recipe is sans much work except deep frying the baby corns, yes don't skip this step because this provides the crispiness to the baby corns.

Whenever I feel bored eating the regular veggies I take resort in recipes that call for baby corns, especially a spicy recipe! Of course, a spicy hot recipe that calls for deep frying, sauces et al do give a fantastic break from regular balanced meals. What say? How do you snap your regular monotony of eating the same veggies?

I developed this recipe that's not so healthy, but who cares because it's intensely delicious and tickles the sleepy taste buds and brings them back to life...Happy me! It's absolutely Okay to consume not-so-healthy foods sometimes...oh yes! And if you are a foodie you don't keep on counting the calories all the time.

The baby corn Chili recipe is lip-smacking, a medley of sauces play around with your taste buds for a long time and gives you so much tasty pleasure!

The beauty of this Spicy & hot chili baby corn is that you can modify it to an appetizer dish by chopping your baby corn into bite-size pieces before coating and frying. Stick some toothpicks and decorate your appetizer platter with the bite-size pick-me & eat-me chili baby corns. I decided to keep them whole because it was our main-course side dish, we enjoyed it with some noodles.

We never grew up eating baby corns because it's not a common vegetable in Indian households. It's a new veggie that's gaining so much popularity these days. We love it always. A few weeks back I prepared an awesome red Thai curry with Shrimps & baby corns, it was so delicious.

If you are looking out for a party pleaser than never miss this recipe, it's a super quick, easy peasy snack cum main-course side dish, that can be prepared well ahead of time, just coat and fry the baby corns and keep them ready...and when your guests press the doorbell just toss them quickly in the medley of sauces...Ta Daa! Your Baby corn chili recipe is ready...

I used some chopped sweet Mexican chilies, they taste so good & I love all those vibrant colors but you can replace them with bell peppers or use nothing at all. 

This is the best Baby corn chili recipe you will ever have that's so easy to make and can be modified according to the meal choice...appetizer or main-course side. This Indo-Chinese fun recipe surely satisfies our extraordinary cravings during weekdays and brings back the zeal of eating!

*1 tin whole baby corns ( Net wt 15 oz  or 226 g baby corn)
*6-7 small sweet Mexican chilies or 1 small bell pepper.
*8 pods garlic minced.
*Oil for deep frying + 1 tablespoon.
*1/3 cup corn flour (leveled).
*2-1/2 tablespoons All Purpose Flour.
*1 teaspoon rice flour (optional).
*Salt according to taste.
*1 tablespoons ginger + garlic paste (optional).
*1 teaspoon turmeric powder (optional).
*1 teaspoon red chili powder (optional).
*2 tablespoons tomato ketchup.
*2 tablespoons green chili sauce.
*1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce.
*2 tablespoons Soy sauce.
*Chopped Indian green chilies (optional).
*2 tablespoons green scallions for garnish.

*Drain the baby corns & pat them dry with kitchen towel or let them air dry completely.
*When they are dry smear ginger garlic paste + turmeric + chili powder + salt on the baby corns and let them marinate for at least 30 minutes.
*In the meantime prepare the batter for deep frying the baby corns. Whisk the cornflour + all-purpose flour + salt according to taste in a dry bowl and add 1 teaspoon water at a time to form a thick but pourable batter. This step is very important if want your baby corns crispy.
*Heat a saucepan over a medium flame with enough oil.
*Dip each baby corn in the thick batter, evenly coat them and shake off the excess batter and then dip them in the hot oil and just flash fry for a few seconds on all sides. Over frying will make them soggy.
*Keep them on a sieve and let the excess oil drip out.
*Mince the garlic & chop the Mexican sweet peppers or bell peppers. Set aside.
*Heat your wok over a high flame. Add 1 tablespoon oil.
*Gently release the minced garlic. Saute for a few minutes until light brown.
*Next add the sauces. Saute for a few more minutes.
*Add the chopped peppers. Saute for a few minutes. 
*Finally add the deep fried baby corns. Saute over high heat until well coated with the sauces.
*Serve immediately! This way the corn will retain their crispiness.

*The right consistency batter is very important in this recipe. If you are a bit scared to prepare a batter and think that your batter might become runnier than just don't prepare a batter. Take the marinated baby corns in a dry bowl and add the dry cornflour and the all-purpose flour add drops of water and just coat the baby corn very well with this semi-dry mixture.
*Marinating the baby corns with ginger garlic paste and spices is not mandatory, you may skip this step if you want to, but it sure does boost the taste of the dish.
*Toss the fried baby corns in the sauce medley just before serving. If left in the sauce for a long time the baby corns will lose all the crispiness and become utterly soggy. It will still taste awesome just so that you know it won't be crisp anymore. If you don't prefer crispy corns than go ahead and prepare the whole recipe well ahead of time.
*If you don't like hot & spicy food just omit the use of green chili sauce and the chili powder from the recipe.
*If you want this dish as your appetizer just cut the baby corns into bite-size pieces before marinating and deep frying.
*This dish goes very well with plain or veggie noodles or as is as an appetizer.
*Toss everything in a wok over high flame, this will allow all the baby corns to get coated in the sauce super fast so that they don't lose the crispiness and the peppers don't lose the crunch or the color.


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