Teriyaki Salmon Steaks seasoned with White Sesame Seeds and Scallions.

The Teriyaki Salmon steaks can be your best friend during the weekends when you want to keep your days free and grab something delicious yet quick! The teriyaki sauce adds all the magical wonders to the super tasty omega 3 fatty acid rich Salmon steaks. It's soft, juicy, a bit of tangy and super delicious.

We are fortunate enough to have a few Japanese friends from my hubby's office, coincidentally, they are big-time foodies just like us and they enjoy cooking traditional dishes with the traditional ingredients and age-old methods. We gained so much from them, learned some tips and tricks and picked up so many delicious Japanese recipes. When you mingle with a different culture you not only get to know the person but you learn so much about their culture and ways of leading life, this part fascinates us so much more, we love cooking and eating foods from every corner of the world similarly we love interacting with people from various cultures. Every culture is a new learning. And the Japanese culture is so rich,  it fascinates us and we yearn to learn more about each Japanese friend.

We have an undying love towards every Japanese food we have known so far, they have a plethora of various dishes cooked in a very different style. We are still exploring and learning with each passing day and each new recipe that we learn amuses our taste buds and forces us to cook it more often. We love the mild flavors of Japnese food and the pungency of their very famous wasabi.  This particular teriyaki Salmon Steak is cooked in a medley of our very favorite Japanese sauce teriyaki sauce, we made our own teriyaki sauce at home and it turned out fantastic. The flavors of soy sauce, the hint of the sour rice vinegar drenched every layer of the juicy salmon steaks. A teriyaki preparation lacks all it's luster if it is not garnished with white sesame seeds and vibrant green scallions. The fish is juicy, oily and palatable and its taste lingers for a very long time. The teriyaki salmon is super easy and quick to make and can fulfill a wonderfully satisfying meal when accompanied by baked and stir-fried baby potatoes, or your favorite greens or even a quinoa salad or sauteed brown rice. We enjoy eating it for our dinner and we generally pair it with baked baby potatoes or baked and sauteed asparagus. The perfect combination of a hearty but light dinner. With every bite, the hint of soy sauce infused with the sour taste hits the palate and the sporadic green scallions and the white sesame seeds add so much to the texture. It's a super quick recipe that's delicious to the power infinity and the whole process of making it does not sweat you out. Just a couple of ingredients and you are all set for the recipe.

In India we never grew up eating Salmon, in fact, we never knew any such fish existed, for the first time in Paris when I was introduced to Salmon 14 years back by my dear husband its vibrant orange color totally amused me. I had never ever seen a fish that has an orange color flesh in my whole life! With the mind full of premonition and disquiet apprehensions I rushed back home and dialed my mom to share my amusements, "Maa komla ronger maach!" (translated: Mom it's an orange fish!) That's what you do when you live far away from home! My hubby lectured me on its deliciousness and health factors, though I did not believe him at all, I was not at all comfortable to try it out, I was very squeamish when I first came abroad, I loved to stick around to foods that were familiar to me and anything new on my platter terrified me! I held myself back for a very long time, eventually, one-day to my utter dismay dear husband bought Salmon home for his dinner, he decided on a baked recipe. I was crystal clear from the beginning and very adamant that no way I am going to eat it. But, the baked Salmon looked so attractive that instantly I fell for it! I just nibbled a teeny tiny amount and from then onwards, there was no coming back. Salmon stole my heart away and since then it has been one of my most loved fish here at home far away from home! Our love saga began and I cooked Salmon in myriad ways, I Indianised several recipes, I experimented with sauces, I drenched the fish with a splash of new spices, I smoked it, baked it, chared it, fried it, dunked it in fishy sauces, it was a fascinating journey! Every time the recipes were a huge hit and people slowly started borrowing my recipes and pressing me for the secret sauces. Foodies Terminal will be a fantastic platform to chronicle all my salmon recipes and let people know all my secret sauces.


*4 small Salmon steaks as seen in the above pictures.

*1/4 cups soy sauce low sodium otherwise it will become very salty.

*2 tablespoons sesame oil.

*2 tablespoons canola oil.

*2 small cloves of garlic minced or chopped very finely.

*1/2 inch ginger stick minced or chopped very finely.

*1-1/2 tablespoons white rice vinegar.

*1 teaspoon cornstarch.

*3 tablespoons brown sugar or honey.

*2 tablespoons water.

*Scallions for garnish.

*White sesame seeds for garnish.


*Wash, clean and dry the salmon steaks. 

*Prick the surface of the steaks carefully with a toothpick.

*Take a clean and dry bowl, add the minced or chopped ginger + garlic, soy sauce, white rice vinegar, brown sugar or honey, sesame oil.

*Mix well until fully combined.

*Divide the marinade into 2 parts.

*Take one part inside a ziplock bag.

*Put the washed, cleaned and dried salmon steaks inside the marinade. Refrigerate overnight or at least for 1 hour.

*Next add the cornflour and the water and make a smooth paste, keep aside.

*Heat a non-stick skillet or your favorite pan over medium flame.

*Add 2 tablespoons canola oil.

*Fry the marinated salmon steaks on low flame, gently turning sides. They should be soft, juicy yet completely done.

*In meantime heat up the rest of the marinade on a small skillet over medium heat.

*When it starts to simmer slowly add the cornstarch and the water mixture and stir continuously until fully incorporated.

*Next bring to a boil until the sauce thickens a bit.

*Immediately pour the sauce over the cooked salmon steaks.

*Garnish with chopped scallions and white sesame seeds and serve immediately.



*Be careful not to overcook the salmon steaks, they will become stiff when overcooked and will totally lose the juicy texture.

*Pricking the surface of the Salmon steaks helps the marinade to penetrate well into the layers.

*Watch out when the sauce thickens, be careful not to dry it out completely, it will lose its sheen.

*Always use low sodium soy sauce it contains less salt and will not make your salmon steaks too salty.

*It's very important to marinate for at least 1 hour.


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