Thai red curry with shrimps , baby corn, dried mushrooms and snow peas!

If you are a foodie and you haven't yet tried treating yourself with this lip-smacking Thai red curry than you are seriously missing something in your life. Oh, did I tell you that it's crowded with delicious meaty tiger shrimps? The creamy coconut milk gravy is completed with the crunch of snow peas, dried mushrooms, and cute little baby corns, the story came to a happy end with spoons full of thai red curry paste.

Are you a Thai curry fan? If not I bet this particular silky smooth Thai Shrimp red curry will drown your taste buds in rich flavors and take you to a delightful tasty ride. It will definitely make you reconsider your food preferences. It's so delectable that you will totally fall in love with it the first time you cook it, yes we totally fell for it the first time we cooked it and after that, there's no coming back! See, I warned you!

The Thai shrimp red curry will slowly creep into your heart and make you it's own.It's silky, it's smooth, coconutty, and bursting with the Thai red curry paste flavors. It's aromatic to the core and completely cooked in extra virgin coconut oil. The best part of this wonderful Thai Shrimp curry is that it's cooked in no time and if you are lucky enough to grab some fresh basil leaves from your nearest grocery store than you will take it to another level of richness and sophistication altogether. Once you cook it, I am sure it will make a permanent place in your well-loved repertoire of world cuisine.

If you follow my blog and read it you will soon discover my immense love and weakness towards this little sea creatures-Shrimps. This arthropod has a divine taste and totally swept me off my feet. It's needless to say that shrimps are my most favorite seafood. I cook it in various forms and love them all equally. Except raw and dried I can endlessly devour on any shrimp cuisine. This particular Thai shrimp red curry contains a generous amount of de-shelled and deveined shrimps, snow peas, dried fungus and baby corns. The meaty shrimps add on a classy deliciousness to the super tasty rich coconut and red Thai curry based gravy. The taste is accentuated with the add-ons namely snow peas, baby corns, and dried fungus and offer the necessary crunch. The dried fungus is another very favorite of mine, I love the mild flavor and the crunchy texture that it imparts to the gravy and a bit of color too. The coconut milk adds the smooth and richness to this Thai red shrimp curry and if you have freshly squeezed coconut milk than I bet your gravy will be a winner in terms of taste and flavors. I was lazy enough to use tinned coconut milk! The basil leaves used in the gravy as a garnish boosted the flavors so much that it lingered on with each morsel of rice. This Thai shrimp red curry is very Thai and we are very happy to announce that it tastes just like the ones we had in a very authentic Thai joint back in Paris!

Let me tell you a short anecdote about our immense love towards Thai food. We were first introduced to the fascinating world of Thai food back in Paris, 13 years back!. The city of lights has restaurants from every region of the world but only a few have the authentic taste of the food it claims to carry from a specific region of the world. One such restaurant (Kok Ping) is located in the famous alleys of Chams-Elysees, Paris. The food served by the group of Thai members is so delicious and pristine that you will surely knock its doors innumerable times provided you are located in Paris. No, this is not a promotional advertisement about Kok Ping, as you can see I have just started blogging a week back and I have merely 5 recipes published on my blog! It's just that some foods are so delicious that they leave a permanent mark on your heart and then you never forget where it's served, how it's served and when you had it! Yes, it's a chain reaction of thoughts and feelings that slowly make your moment a canvas of very special memories. Also, I just want to share the joy of Thai food and help you guys so that you don't miss out on the incredible taste of Thai cuisine during your upcoming visits to Paris or well if you are already a Parisian than hurry up and head straight to Kok Ping and give yourself the best Thai treat! We revisited their doors on almost every special occasion, yes you guessed it right I do have a huge list of Thai dishes that I desperately want to compile and bring to you, my lovely foodies! I have cooked Thai foods in my kitchen for a very long time almost 13 years and we, fortunately, found that fine point of tasteful drama that Thai food demands. Stay tuned many Thai cuisines coming up...Until then let's see how I cooked this Thai shrimp red curry.

*1 pound deshelled and deveined raw shrimps (get the best Shrimps you can afford)
*Thai red curry paste.(International Asian Stores carry them)
*2 teaspoons Ginger Garlic paste.
*400 ml coconut milk.
*1-1/2 cups whole snow peas or according to taste.
*1 cup dried fungus(I got mine from an Internation Asian Store).
*8 oz or 226 grams baby corn (I used tinned baby corns full 1 tin)
*1 tablespoon + 2 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil.
*Salt according to taste.
*Fresh Basil leaves for garnish.

*Wash the deshelled and deveined shrimps under running tap water. Strain the water and pat them dry with a clean towel.
*Heat 1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil in your favorite pan or wok.
*Release the shrimps carefully, stir fry them on medium heat until the color changes. Keep them aside on a clean dry plate.
*Clean and wash the snow peas and keep aside.
*Strain the baby corns from the tin and keep aside.
*Heat 2 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil on the same pan (used to fry the shrimps).
*Release the ginger garlic paste, saute on medium heat until the raw smell disappears completely but be careful not to over fry them, it will completely change the aroma of the curry and ruin it beyond repair!
*Next add the Thai red curry paste according to taste (I added about 4 teaspoons approximately).
*Stir fry for a few minutes until the oil oozes out and it starts to leave the sides of the pan. Be careful not to over-fry or burn it.
*Next pour the coconut milk from the tin according to your taste. I used the full tin because we prefer a rich gravy. But you may cut on the coconut milk amount.
*Stir and mix everything until fully incorporated, add salt, cover and simmer on low flame for 4 minutes.
*Add the snow peas, the baby corns, the dried mushrooms. Cover and cook for 5 minutes.
*Next add the shrimps, cover and cook for another 2 minutes.
*Switch off the flame and garnish with fresh basil leaves. Cover and let the fragrance of basil blend in the Thai shrimps' red curry.
*Serve and enjoy!

*Be careful not to over fry or burn the Thai red curry paste or the ginger garlic paste while frying.
*If you find it difficult to fry or it sticks on the pan then sprinkle water and fry or add a few drops of extra virgin coconut oil.

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  1. Beautiful pics :) Wish you the very best <3

    1. Hey Soma Yours is the first comment on my blog ! So happy for that, Thank you so much for stopping by and taking your time to comment. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, just getting the hang of blogging :) See you soon!