MANGOLLA Or Mango Kanchagolla Or Mango Sandesh made with fresh home made ricotta cheese.

This fascinating and trendy Indian dessert is made with fresh home-made cottage cheese and Mango pulp. It will surprise you with its delectable quotient. Not overwhelmingly sweet, just the right balance with the melt in the mouth crumbly cottage cheese. It will predominantlyly grip you and make you it's own!

Prepare this enticing and exotic mango Sandesh by using two simple ingredients namely tinned mango pulp and freshly home-made ricotta cheese or chenna or paneer. It's a fusion dessert of a celebrated Bengali sweet "Kaanchagolla". The Mangolla (named by us) is one of my culinary experiments that transformed into a mouthwatering journey. This "MangoSandesh" is unquestionably one of the best mango sweets I ever made. So definitely, try it out for your family and I bet you won't regret it ever, you will instantly fall in love with this Mango Kaanchagolla and I warn you that they are addictive.

We lovingly named it "Mangolla" because it's a fusion dessert of "Kaanchagolla", a desirable Bengali sweet that is famously known as Sandesh by non-Bengalis, though "Sandesh" is a very different sweet for us Bongs, its consistency is different, it tastes different and its way of preparation is also quite different from that of "Kaanchagollas". These are definitely not Sandesh, but as the term "Kaanchagolla" is not very common outside the Bengali periphery I decided to add the term "Mango Sandesh" in order to help my non-Bengali friends so that they can easily understand the dessert and the recipe. We frantically ended up with this wordy equation of "Mangollas" it goes like -  Mango + Golla = Mangolla! The name is lexemic and justifiable and funny at the same time. This particular "Mango-Kaanchagolla" is soft and sweet. The pillow-soft crumbly paneer/chenna/ricotta cheese saturated with the mango pulp, a bit of sugar and a hint of cardamom is totally an unforgettable moment. The Mangolla/mango Sandesh/mango kaanchagolla is melt in the mouth, luscious and a palatable dessert that is quick and easy to prepare.The first bite promisingly sprinkles a burst of mango flavor and the milky aroma of the paneer and those tiny chopped mango pieces add an extra touch of class to the already yummy sweet. Once you take your first bite, there's seriously no coming back. 

Let's quickly brush up the ingredient list and jump on the step-by-step method of preparing this incredible" Mango Kaanchagolla."


*1 cup Mango pulp.
*1/2 sweetened condensed milk. 
*2 cups Chenna/paneer/ricotta cheese (home-made)
*Sugar according to taste.
*1 teaspoon Clarified butter or ghee.
* Few chopped mangoes for garnishing.

*Take the chenna/ricotta cheese/paneer in a dry bowl, add sugar and knead well until smooth.
*In a microwave proof bowl mix the mango pulp and the condensed milk until well incorporated.
*Cook in the micro oven for 6 mins at every 2 minutes intervals stir well.
*Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.
*Add the ghee. When hot add the chenna/paneer sugar mixture to it.
*Keep on stirring for 8-10 minutes.
*Next add the mango pulp condensed milk mixture and mix well until fully incorporated.
*Keep on stirring for another 6 mins.
*Let it cool down completely.
*Form into round balls.
*Garnish with chopped mangoes.



  1. Yummy and so beautifully presented. (Ravneet)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. I'd like to try this. Do you mean a 1/2 cup or 1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk? Thanks.