Only Two Ingredients Cajun Fish Fry on Skillet With Swai Fillet or Basa Fillet and Cajun Seasoning- Super Quick and Super Tasty!

The Cajun fish fry with Swai fillet is so delicious that you won't be satisfied with just a single fillet. The aromatic cajun seasoning is magical and it enormously boosts the taste of the soft and juicy fish. Mildly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Oh! It's magical.

Sometimes we need quick fixes in our lives like a quick dinner! It's relieving, fascinating and sometimes the only thing that we need after a hectic day or a super lazy day. And if it's healthy it's a total winner. Quick fix meals work as a charm and they are definitely a blessing in disguise, they are total saviors that make you believe that food need not be always elaborately cooked with a long list of fishy ingredients in order to top the "tasty" ladder.

Today's recipe is one such fantastic dish that will surprise you with its deliciousness and your guests will rave about it in every gathering. It's a simple, super quick and a very straightforward recipe of pan-fried cajun fish with Swai or Basa fillet. It tastes awesome with Tilapia and flounder fillets too. Let me tell you that this pan-fried Cajun fish is so simple, so healthy, packed with nutrients, super quick and oh-so-tasty that it will definitely win several hearts and steal the show, it's a winner in every respect. The cajun seasoning is so flavorful that it takes you on a joy ride to a different world altogether. We love almost every cajun preparation, the seasoning is very versatile too and can be used to bake, broil and fry.

A busy weekday, guests coming over suddenly, a lazy day or a rest day, they all demand a quick and super fast meal that can be fixed in a blink of an eye. If you love eating fish, want a quick meal that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes than I will definitely suggest you try this Pan-fried cajun fish recipe. You will have the lip-smacking kick from the Cajun seasoning that will certainly elevate the taste factor and refrain the recipe from being a boring one. The cajun seasoning is flavorful, aromatic and has a hint of the spicy blend. The thin coat of cajun seasoning gives this pan-fried recipe a certain amount of slight crunch. It beautifully coats the juicy fish and zests it up with a rich and savory taste.
We simply enjoy this pan-fried cajun fish fry with swai fillet with a simple Caesar salad and lots of ketchup and mayonnaise. So, definitely make it for your next house party or a lazy cozy evening and steal several hearts!

*4 Swai Fillet.
*Salt according to taste.
*1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder (optional).
*4 tablespoons Canola oil or any oil of your choice for frying.
*Cajun Seasoning to coat the fish fillets (according to taste).

*Wash the Swai fish fillets under running tap water.
*Pat them completely dry with a clean towel.
*Smear the salt and the turmeric powder on both sides.
*Next gently massage the cajun seasoning and try to coat both sides of the fish uniformly, there should be no gaps at all.
*Heat 4 tablespoons of oil in your favorite non-stick skillet.
*Next gently release the fish fillets in the hot oil, fry them on medium heat until both sides turn into a beautiful golden color.

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