Welcome to foodies terminal stop. I am glad you are here! As the name suggests you are in foodies paradise.This blog brings you recipes, from around the world, those have fascinated me with its flavor, appeal, and aroma. Each post is appropriately tagged for your easy navigation and recipe hunting. Be rest assured that you will find something to put on your dining table today!

My name is Meghna and I am presently settled in the USA with my hubby and my 4 years old son. I have travelled around the world for last fourteen years, and while doing so have sedimented some great recipes in my heart. I started this blog as my thought book for the recipes, and to share those with the foodies around the world. 

I learned a lot from friends, family, books and the web. I realized that my true good-wishers would reveal secret tips from their original experience. I realized that it was those special tips and tricks that made a recipe awesome and made you stand out as a cook. I am promising you - I will give you all the tips I know to make your dish special and bring smiles to your family and friends. And yes - a recipe has no soul, your passion will add that magic.

I do believe that I can enthusiastically evolve this blog with and only with your support. Seeing your comments would be like returning me a smile for being a part of your meal recipe 😊 !!!  


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